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Online Hypnosis

Experience tranquility with online hypnosis – a clear and calm sea

I have always worked online because I have always had clients seek my service from many countries & time zones.  Transition to a full online service was a natural progression that has served both myself & my clients.


When the pandemic began & social distancing swiftly became a part of our lives moving exclusively online was a simple way for me to not only continue to see my clients but increase my ability to support even more clients that ever before.


I did have a small consulting room that I saw clients in however my situation changed and I needed to travel for my personal family commitments and so my laptop became my new virtual office.


I am experienced & confident in offering hypnosis and other modalities of service online & find the sessions are just as effective, if not more effective for the following reasons.



Mental & emotional wellbeing care has not always been readily available. This may have stopped people struggling to find the support they have needed. When trying to find solutions to their needs, perhaps no support therapies were available logistically within proximity or perhaps a referral may have taken time. Perhaps the very thought of getting out the house to find support was an overwhelm? Leading to an avoidance of the issue altogether, putting your emotional and mental wellbeing on hold for another time?

Whatever the case, modern technology and online hypnosis supports mental and emotional well-being and is easily accessible. 


Online Hypnosis allows options. You can have your session in your home, office or wherever you are located, eliminating the need for traveling and getting to in person meetings. You choose the right time to experience your professional and progressive session.


Online Hypnosis is more affordable than ever before.  Without overheads of office rental and limitation of client demographics I know for my practice I no longer must factor in business overheads.  This allows me to provide the benefit of efficient and cost-effective Hypnosis sessions to my clients without the extra overhead costs for me, and for my clients a saving on travel, carparking and time away from their own work and business.

Online Therapy Feels More Comfortable

It is not uncommon for my clients to express that they have felt intimidated when seeking various therapy and counselling modalities in the past.  Many clients do come to me after having already tried various therapies and other professional service. It’s common for clients to have avoided exploring Hypnotherapy due to feeling nervous, unsure, or even vulnerable of being in and unfamiliar place with for some an unfamiliar therapy. If you dislike the traditional therapy set-up, you will most definitely benefit from online Hypnosis.  After you schedule a 20-minute discovery session you will get a good indication of how the session will work.  You are not limited to where you wish to have your session and this already gives you control of the situation, easing your stress or social anxiety.

It starts with you

Scheduling an online hypnosis session with me is easy. The sessions work with your schedule and because appointments easily, do them in your home, and work through everyday issues. My goal as your hypnotherapist is to always give you the most effective process in the most efficient use of your time.  Each client is case by case and I do not lock clients into long term packages or therapy sessions.  We will in most cases start with a plan of two sessions and if that is all that is needed, that is fantastic.   And, as there’s value in adding additional sessions and if that is an option you will clearly be included in in the right plan for your personal situation.


If you have avoided seeking or exploring hypnosis because you think there are no options, you may want to reconsider.  Schedule a strategy appointment now because there are numerous reasons why you should prioritize your mental & emotional wellbeing, your physical health, your happiness, and your quality of life.

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