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Carla Pahl - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Registered Nurse (Aust.)
Registered Midwife (Aust.)

Neuro Development cognitive sensory motor therapist/consultant (Aust.)

Clinical Hypnotherapist (Aust.)
Member Australian Hypnotherapists Association 
Member Australian Counsellors association 
Member American Hypnosis Association
Member The Australian Hypnosis Alliance
Certified Hypnotherapy ADD and ADHD (AHA)

Practitioner Hypnotherapy Diploma in Children and Teens Hypnotherapy (UK)
Certified Hypnotherapy Childbirth Hypnotherapy (AHA)
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (AHA)

Accredited SleepTalk® Consultant 
Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band practitioner (UK)
Sheila Granger Education Performance Practitioner (UK)

I have been professionally trained in nursing, midwifery and Hypnotherapy for many years. My original professional qualifications are from Australia and I am associated with and recognised by many International Memberships. I further supplement my professional development with accredited courses and published literature. However, all my qualifications only act as many tools to support my clients. 


My Approach

I am a confident clinician and my nursing and midwifery professional background allows a level of understanding and empathy that supports clients with progressive compassionate hypnosis. My approach is client-centred and individual.  I like to support my clients effectively with only a few short sessions.  Of course, this is not the "norm" for most therapy, which can have clients in programs for months and sometimes years, never releasing them from a situation but rather allowing them to "deal" or "cope" with something that is inappropriate to drag around through life. I do not use scripts or cookie-cutter approaches in my sessions and after some initial information, I will tailor-make your hypnosis session around you and your ultimate expectation of the session.

Many adults try to seek support and clarity for a range of mental and emotional obstacles in their lives with conventional modalities. Hypnotherapy supports comfortable and effective release and removal of negative thought forms, feelings and emotions by getting to the subconscious source of your problem or concern.

Equally confident with young children and teens, I am supportive of family units and will often work with parents to achieve the very best outcome for the family unit. I have owned and operated my own neuro-cognitive early years centres in Hong Kong for close to 30 years.  During this time I have supported thousands of parents with the neurocognitive and sensorial applications to many childhood learning obstacles. Distorted self-esteem is one of the damaging long-term consequences of both diagnosed and undiagnosed learning obstacles. Low self-esteem can manifest long after the initial obstacle and can continue into adolescence and adulthood, leading to long-lasting impacts on one's well-being. Supporting teens to overcome this emotional disempowerment is vital for youth and the adults they are to become. By supporting youth and teens with hypnosis, which is fast, rapid and private support, we can reset the negative emotional and mental beliefs that eventually can manifest in their physical health as an adult.  

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