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Education Support

Removing Stress to Calmly and Confidently Achieve Academic Goals

Strategies to reduce anxiety and promote concentration, focus and recall with school, academic, and social issues. Trained as an Educational Performance Practitioner, I have expertise in areas that may impact academic performance, including  self esteem, test anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and executive function. 

Reducing Stress During Exam Time

"Hi Carla, I have visited you with my daughter and you did a light hypnosis/meditation to help her with her stress and anxiety for tests at school. Now almost a year later I want to let you know that she has gone through such a transformation. Of course, she is still stressed for her exams but is much more capable of handling and canalising it. After summer she is going to boarding school overseas, a process of which she took complete ownership of and has thrived in. She has been so confident and glowing. She managed to land multiple offers and was able to present herself without fear or insecurity. Life will never be without challenges but it’s all about how you deal with them. I just wanted to let you know that I guess you really have planted a seed with your treatment and it ripples through. Thank you."